In the beginning there was Mandidextrous

Back in 2008 Mandi was inspired by amen fuelled Jungle classics, Drum n Bass and the free tekno movement in Europe. Then bedroom producer, Mandidextrous began to combine big 4×4 kicks, rolling bass, amen breaks and tekno sounds to form the unique sound of Jungletek.

The label was formed after Mandi began to learn how to create her own music. Derived from a passion for Jungle and a mixed love for strong rolling Tekno, the sound she wanted to hear was not readily available in any format so she decided to make her musical vision a reality. Purchasing a laptop and a DAW she began remixing her favourite Jungle and DnB tunes. Moulding those serious amens into 190 bpm tracks with pounding kick drums to form Tekno dance floor bangers. With the help of a few good friends on the scene like Roland The Bastard and Life4Land legend Stivs, Mandi got the support and encouragement she needed to pursue her love for a special kind of music. Invoking people’s attention and delivering a fresh new innovative sound to the UK underground music scene Jungletek started to make its mark.

The birth of Amen4tekno

Being a solo artist Mandi soon realised her vision was shared by others on the scene. Producers such as Vandal, pioneering a similar genre, Raggatek, which had been derived from Hardtek, became a big inspiration. Raggatek was an increasingly popular sound with a fast bpm which has been popular on the underground scene predominantly in Europe, London and the South West for many years. Mandi, who at this point was based in High Wycombe, started to gain a loyal following. Along the way making new friends like Matt:Scratch all loving, making dancing to this new music. Setting the standard, many more  producers started to follow suit and create their own Jungletek tracks, smashing them out at raves all over the South of England.

Amen4tekno WHITEPopularity for the sound soon escalated and Mandi got approached by more and more producers each day seeking advice, looking to chat and exchange musical ideas. It was at this point she decided it was time to start sharing her music with the world and with that, Amen4tekno was born. Creating a platform for her and other producers to launch this style of music.

Wanting to stay true to the source of rave music and release vinyl Mandi was fortunate enough to get support from an overseas record shop. Tool Box Records, who agreed to press and sell her tunes on vinyl. Over the moon with her progress and support she started to sign other artists up to the label. Amen4tekno 001 was pressed and released on vinyl in 2010 along with a track from Matt:Scratch. This was a monumental moment for Amen4tekno which has now seen the release of six vinyl’s sold worldwide (as of mid 2016) with more releases planned for the future. With the support of her peers, Amen4tekno and Mandidextrous have become widely known on the underground music scene all over the UK and Europe moving from strength to strength with every release.

Enter the Jungletek Mafia

Amen4tekno is now a growing collective of talented, gifted musicians. Dubbed The Jungletek Mafia they come together to perform their amazing music. Headlining off the hook well established music events dropping banger after banger to entertain dedicated ravers all over Europe. For all bookings contact: [email protected]Jungletek Mafia Vol2

The First Jungletek Mafia Vol 1 Album was released in 2015 as a donation from the artists to the label. Working as a team has allowed Amen4tekno to progress. Jungletek Mafia Vol 2 released in February 2016 and is now credited back to the artist thanks to the support of you, the listeners. With the Jungletek sound becoming more recognisable over the past few years and now established as a genre in its own right, the Jungletek Mafia are proud to be a part of the digital progression of music. Celebrating the success of the label and Mandi’s move to the more musically based city of Bristol she teamed up with Slinks and started smashing venues all over town. Later joining forces with Fortress who continued to add motion and drive to Amen4tekno along with running the agency. To top it off, finding talent in one of Bristol’s Drum and Bass elites. KSP AKA Raiden OffKey put the final spin on all productions, ensuring the biggest, baddest mastered tracks around. Amen4tekno’s sound has become fully loaded.

Amen4tekno Tings

A4T are as much about the arts as we are about the music, now producing a fresh line of underground clothing featuring original and amazing artwork from some of Bristol’s most talented urban artists such as theporg.org as well as printing by local printers and fabulous photography.Amen4tekno shoot op film

Massive respect to every single one of our raving supporters. We strive to bring you more and more Jungletek to smash dance floors of the future. And in case you were wondering 23 is the universal number of Rave.

For all correspondence please email us at: [email protected]