C3B’s Production Freebies: Week Three


Round three, the X-mas edition!

Don’t know about you folks but I  hate most Christmas music. Sugary, empty shit designed to rake in cash and pummel you into feeling festive so you’ll buy stuff. That said, I do quite like Christmas reggae & dancehall. It’s a massive sub-genre (youtube Christmas reggae and behold the endless mixes) with some great tunes that bring a little sunshine to your personal consumerist nightmare.

The main element that, for me, gives reggae it’s signature sound is the offbeat skank (you may have noticed I use it in nearly every tune I make). So to help you along with those jungle/raggatek/dancehall x-mas bangers, this week I made an Ableton Live instrument rack for laying down quick skank sounds.

The rack has the three styles that I use the most: Digi, Keys and Analogue.

‘Digi’ was sampled from a Serum patch I made, ‘Keys’ from a Kontakt Piano and ‘Analogue’ from a Roland Juno-60 patch.

I created a different fx chain for each style, then sampled the fx chains and the dry sounds over four octaves. These are all packed into samplers with some extra bells and whistles to enhance the sounds.

To use the rack just turn on the desired style (turn off the others unless you want to layer them), MIDI in your skank, and mess with the macros to control the FX.

Hope you find it useful.

Download: Skank Machine

Info: Made in Live 9.6.2

Hohoho 🙂

Charlie C3B





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