C3B’s Production Freebies: Week Two


Back for week two baby!

A couple of people mentioned Serum patches on Facebook. I love the synth and seeing as you can never have enough reese basses, I knocked together four reese patches for it.

My preferred style of reese for 190 stuff is generally fat sounding, with some good movement but relatively few crazy modulations as I like to keep things quite musical with lots of note changes in the broken beat sections. So that’s what I made for this. I kept the BPM @ 190 whilst making them but I’m sure some will sound good at other tempos also. Check the macros for quick ways to change the sound.

I’ve include a bounced, sustained note sample of each bass for those that don’t use Serum or prefer to use a sampler. I did minimal processing on these, just mono-ing the sub-200ish region and warming the highs slightly on each one.

To get the Serum patches working:

  1. Unzip the archive.
  2. Place the ‘C3B Presets’ folder in your Xfer Serum Presets folder. (DocumentsXferSerum PresetsPresets on my PC)
  3. Place the ‘C3B Tables’ folder in your Xfer Serum Tables folder. (DocumentsXferSerum PresetsTables)
  4. Open up a Serum, navigate to the C3B Presets folder and load the patch 🙂

Download Link: C3B Serum Reeses


Charlie C3B

To contact Charlie look out for C3B on Facebook or email contact@Amen4tekno.com

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