ONE SESSION C3B REMIX COMP Yes the BADMAN of Amen4Tekno C3B has opened up this amazing tune for remix ! You can download the stems HERE and re work it BEST 3 submissions will be released on amen4tekno GET INTO IT ! WAV STEMS & ABLETON LIVE 8 PROJECT FILE FILE DEADLINE 3RD NOVEMBER ORIGINAL TRACK HERE

C3B’s Production Freebies: Week 5

Bonsoir! I decided to take a bit of a different approach this week. First I made a 190 kickbass loop – you can grab it here: C3B Kickbass Loop Then I made a video talking about making the kickbass loop which you can watch below. Teach a man to fish and all that etc etc. Til next week 🙂

C3B’s Production Freebies: Week Four

  Yo! Slacked off for a week of making merry b2b sorting out the studio. So for week four (technically week five… shhh…) I’ve packed up five drum loops from my library in 24 bit wav format, all chopped and processed by me. Two tek ready 190 amens, one top loop, one dusty hat loop and the main break from …

C3B’s Production Freebies: Week Three

  Round three, the X-mas edition! Don’t know about you folks but I  hate most Christmas music. Sugary, empty shit designed to rake in cash and pummel you into feeling festive so you’ll buy stuff. That said, I do quite like Christmas reggae & dancehall. It’s a massive sub-genre (youtube Christmas reggae and behold the endless mixes) with some great …

C3B’s Production Freebies: Week Two

  Back for week two baby! A couple of people mentioned Serum patches on Facebook. I love the synth and seeing as you can never have enough reese basses, I knocked together four reese patches for it. My preferred style of reese for 190 stuff is generally fat sounding, with some good movement but relatively few crazy modulations as I …