General Waste

(King of the Amen Mash )

Producer DJ

Specialising in recycling music into more music. General Wastes preferred style is generally amen heavy Jungletek. Often with a strong Reggae vibe however he enjoys incorporating all kinds of other styles from Bass Music to Gabba into his productions.

Inspired by all musicians but mainly by some of the Jungle producers of the last 10 years. Often teaming up with the likes of C3B to play some crazy back to back sets all over the UK General Waste is a must see behind the decks.

With his unusual style of conducting the crowd along to his pumping beats you will not be disappointed in the performance this artist gives. You can also find him moonlighting as Uncle Bulgaria for a more Balkan swing vibe and one of the main men for Erisian, as well as being the brains behind the So Fun Tek Shop at Boomtown Festival.

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