(Bad Man Producer)

DJ Producer Event Organiser

Well known all over the world, Stivs is a valued member of Amen4tekno. Having a vast and lengthy presence in the underground rave scene for well over 15 years. This super Amen break genius started of fresh outta Cambridge pushing a huge Breakcore and hard junglist sound with elements of gypsy rave and Hardcore Tekno thrown in the mix. Having been the head honcho of many successful label’s such as Life4Land, Bomba Cut, Born on Road and more.

Backing the Amen4Tekno sound from day one Stivs helped bring opportunities to artists such as Mandidextrous giving them the chance to perform at many raves and events. After spending more time with the artist’s Stivs has become greatly valued here at Amen4tekno and has become a tight part of the crew. Wooing us with his abundance of musical knowledge and wisdom and working alongside Mandidextrous and others on remix tracks and playing regularly on the Amen4tekno Tekover events.

We couldn’t have any more love for this producer if we borrowed some. An inspirational leader in RAVE and a vital part of the movement in Tekno! Big up for STIVS!

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