(Raggatek King )

DJ Music Producer Record Label owner Kaotik Soundsystem

A man on a mission to take over the world with Raggatek. True to the roots of rave music this technical wizard has only just hung up his vinyl bag and gone digital. Vandal has been at the core of Amen4Tekno’s growth with huge support and encouragement since the beginning. Its been an amazing journey for all of us to witness the mighty King of Raggatek go from strength to strength.

He has always been a massive inspiration to us all here at Amen4Tekno. Mandidextrous and Vandal worked hard to achieve a massive collaboration track Girls Them Sugar. Released in 2012 on Vandal’s record label Kaotik.

Since then Amen4tekno have instigated more Jungletek Mafia collaboration tracks such as Super Tekno Shooter and Smoking My Herbs. Vandal continues to work with and inspire the Amen4tekno artists and understands the sound very well.

He is a leader and a true pioneer in Raggatek. One of the most valuable contributions to the UK underground rave community. It goes off when this legend plays.

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