✪ Tearout Fest 2019 ✪

For All information on the festival including FAQs please visit https://www.tearoutevents.co.uk/tearoutfest

✪ Event Capacity ✪

The event will be capped at a capacity of 1000, which makes it that little bit more exclusive and if you’ve been to any of our events you’ll know what to expect, even more so when we release the line up!! This will sell out so get your tickets ASAP

✪ Tickets ✪

– Tier 1 Tickets & Weekend camping £42.95 + BF *SOLD OUT*
– Tier 2 Tickets & Weekend camping £64.95 + BF *SELLING FAST*
– Tier 3 Tickets & Weekend camping £84.95 + BF
– Campervan pass £20.00 plus booking fee
– Weekend Parking ticket £3.95 plus booking fee

Get your tickets here: http://skiddle.com/e/13384044

✪ Date & Times ✪

Friday 28th June
Gates Open 10am
Music Starts 12pm
Gates Close 10pm
Music finishes 2am

Saturday 29th June
Gates Open 10am
Music Starts 12pm
Gates Close 10pm
Music finishes 2am

Sunday 30th June
Gates Open 10am
Music Starts 12pm
Gates Close 4pm
Music finishes 10pm

✪ Stages ✪

🗿🗿🗿 The Prophecy Stage 🗿🗿🗿

In the heart of Tearout Fest you’ll find the ruins of the prophecy stage. Where people go to get lost in a trance so that they can find themselves and prepare for the new world that is Tearout fest. Elusive Audio will be teaming up with Legacy technical productions to bring you a huge sound and lighting show. Elusive audio will be bringing their clean yet powerful martin audio and Turbosound system along with them for the journey so that you can your fix of trance, electro and techno.

Line Up so far:

Fabio Fusco / Gollum & Yanny / W.A.D / Max B Grant / Jamie Berry / Fudalwokit / Jus Deelax / Alex Carroll / Section 303 / Duton / Logger & Critical Error / Tommy B / Coms / Frantic / The Fly / Haribo / D.N.Hay / Shaun Ashley B2B SlumberJack / Razbo / Hoodlum B2B Aunti Mag / Minimal Drop / Alex Static / Chesnik / Tavstock / Nixon B2B Crattew / Keza-LS10

🌿🌿🌿 The Wilderness Stage 🌿🌿🌿

The Wilderness stage is a lost world, People who have been said to go in there never come out!!! The wilderness has been takenover by some of the finest tribes across England in the underground world. You’ll find these tribes dancing around Revolt Sound System & Concept Lasers to repetitive jungle beats, There will be a huge variety of Jungle, Drum and Bass and Tekno, with artists coming from far and wide to get you lost in the dance.

Line Up so far:

Ed Rush / Benny Page / Aphrodite / Mob Tactics / Mandidextrous / Aries / Phibes / Kelvin 373 / Saxxon / E-Coli / T-Menace / Audiomission / Leeroy / Subtle element / Aon / Spektral / Blair Grylls / Change Of Pace / Stevie 1DA / Affirmation / M.A.C B2B Critical B / Mowgli / TCO / B4gel Bros

Takeovers: Amen4Tekno / BornOnRoad / Rumble in the Jungle / Bristek / Revolt / Noxious Records

🛠👹🛠 The Badlands Stage 🛠👹🛠

The Badlands stage is a wasteland where many dare not to enter, a scrapyard of what once was. If you risk going there you’ll find the brand new Tearout Audio & Lighting sound system that consists of 12 Super bass horns and 6 Custom Stable Audio KMTS, If you managed to hear it at our 2nd Birthday, you’ll know the system sounds lovely so there will be no disappointed. The Badlands will be providing you some of the finest broken beats around consisting of Breakbeat, Garage, Bassline, Old Skool, House and more.

Line Up so far:
Nicky Blackmarket / Slipmatt / Freestylers / Pied Piper / WBBL / Kuplay / Mikey B / Shade K / Pray for Bass / Ill Phil / DJ Vibes / Krissi B / Manu Twister / St!cky / Bobby D / S@nav / Normality / KronicL / DJAY / Treblechef / Skittles / Beat Jugglers / DJ Smiles / Tweak / Coopaman / Original Redge

✪ Other Stuff Happening At The Festival ✪

On site we’ll not only have decor across the venue provided by 12:34 productions. We’ll have live performers, Live immersible acts, Photography, Videography, A Cinema playing classics like ‘Fear & Loathing in Las vegas’, a chill out area, multiple seating in and out of the woods

If you’d like to apply to have a role in this years festival please email Applications@tearoutevents.co.uk

✪ Food & Beverage ✪

They’ll be a huge variety of food for you to top your energy with. We’ll also have Vegan and Vegetarian stalls to help make sure all dietary requirements are catered for.

If you’d like to apply to have a role in this years festival please email Applications@tearoutevents.co.uk

✪ Camping ✪

Weekend Camping is available and so are camper vans.

Please visit https://www.tearoutevents.co.uk/tearoutfest for more information

✪ Location ✪

Springfield farm, Old Parkbury Lane, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL2 2DY

For more information including exact location and public transport please visit: https://www.tearoutevents.co.uk/tearoutfest

✪ Applications ✪

Any applications for artists, services, food/clothing stalls and more please email Applications@Tearoutevents.co.uk

For more information please visit: https://www.tearoutevents.co.uk/tearoutfest

✪ Join the Team ✪

If you’d like to work with us for the weekend as a steward or in another role please email Applications@Tearoutevents.co.uk and we’ll be in touch ASAP

For more information please visit: https://www.tearoutevents.co.uk/tearoutfest

✪ Social Media ✪

Feel free to check out the photo’s on our page if you missed out –