Jangle: Ecoli, Mandidextrous & T-menace

After a near sell out with out with Mandidextrous We thought we would bring more of the Amen4tekno team to Plymouth for round 2!

Exposed to a wide range of music from a young age, E-coli became involved in the local free party scene by the time he was 18. Before long he was organising large parties as a member of Jigsore Soundsystem and performing his unique mash-up sets to increasingly growing crowds.
He is an educated promoter and a leading man for the amazing Balter Festival based in Wales. Widely known for playing and producing crazy Gypsycore and Breakcore he is the number one go to see DJ for a crazy outlandish Balkan swing infused set.

Named The Jungletek Queen by her fans, Mandidextrous is truly an inspirational producer and performer. The real driving force behind Amen4tekno with all the creative ideas behind the label and the sound. A pioneer in the genre of Jungletek she is a delight to watch on the decks with full throttle energy from start to finish. With an infectious passion for music Mandi has become a well known and followed producer. Not only by music lovers but fellow producers thus forming the Jungletek Mafia.

T-Menace has taken his music to new heights, with popular solo releases on Amen4Tekno such as ‘Boom Shot Diss’ with Cheshire Cat and regular collaborations with the Jungletek Mafia including Vandal, Mandidextrous, Matt:Scratch, General Waste and C3B amongst many others. T-Menace has taken his music all over the UK and abroad, performing at club nights nationwide, popular UK underground music festivals such as Boomtown Fair, Illusive, Balter and Symmetry festivals and his first shows abroad in Czech Republic and Austria.

ROOM 2 LINE UP Dnb, jungle & Garage

Daurther vader
Pause boy

tickets £5-10