Mandidextrous All Night 10 Years celebration

Hi everyone

SO now that I’ve managed to benchmark 10 years of being Mandidextrous on the Rave scene I’ve decided to put myself through an excruciating 4-5 hour set (I usually exert so much energy in a 2 hour set I could power half of the UK) so why not come and witness me have my weekly work out and possibly a MENTAL breakdown behind the decks at Cosies.

Yes I will be sweaty yes YOU will be sweaty lets all get sweaty TOGETHER ! (Bring a spare T-shirt and or towel)

I will be trawling through all my favourite music genres from Dub Reggae to Basshouse / Bassline to home made fun Techno to DNB (Some stuff badly made by me) through to Raggatek and Jungletek (Mostly made by me and my amazing mates)

Its gunna be a MAD one thats for sure .

All I’m asking is five gold coins or one shiny plastic £5 note thingy on the door which will go towards AMAZING and Awesome things as always. PLUS there will be a bucket for donations to the local homeless charity PLEASE give generously.

I am going to be giving away various items during my DJ marathon to the most CRAZY and SILLY dancers in the place and dedicated FANS (Rare Mandidextrous spaff and garms that NO ONE else will have and that basically I’ve got to old & fat for !)

So please come along and have fun . x I may provide cake also.

PLEASE Be aware that this is limited capacity of 150 people max and its a small venue BUT A LOVELY ONE.

PAY ON DA DOOR and BUY loads of drinks and support the amazing venue that is COSIES x