Mandidextrous’s album & Mastering at Higher Level Studio’s Bristol

Its taken a long time to happen but its finally here.

190 Miles Per Hour is OUT NOW !

Mandidextrous the originator of Amen4Tekno has been releasing tunes since roughly 2011 but she has never managed to get an album together until now.

June 2017 has seen the release of 190 Miles Per Hour which took Mandi roughly 2 months of solidarity to complete. 11 tracks inspired through her love of DnB , Jump up , Jungle, Bass House, Free party tunes and TEKNO !

Mandi set out to start something from scratch, totally new ideas and new methods of production, and the result has been eclectic and crazy… as to be expected.

With help from her friends and co-workers, the album was eventually named 190 miles per hour, after many indecisive changes. The name originates from one of Mandi’s personal favourites off the album “Dancing Double”, which features a sample of Paloma Faith doing a little ditty live on Never mind the Buzzcocks singing….

I can be wilder than the wind, 190 miles per hour, I’m in a whole other dimension dancing double on the floor

Mandi extracted and sampled this for the leading vocal of this track, along with some very naughty Audio collision samples.

Also Mandi lives a very face paced lifestyle, moving from one place to another with thoughts that fly through her head at the speed of a bullet from a gun. Mandi is also a very fast worker and very impatient at times so it only seemed right that the album should reflect that.

You can now get this release exclusively on CD with some awesome artwork from the amazing Porg. It comes in the form of an intricate inlay and CD design plus a poster and stickers. Its also available signed on request for all the mega fans and supporters out there and every copy comes with a free digital download. Go HERE to grab a copy.


Mandi works closely with an amazing engineer Henry Heatwave at the awesome Higher level Mastering studio’s in Bristol (Also known as Dub Studio). Henry has been a staple to the Dub, Ragga, Dance hall and Reggae movement for quite some time pressing dubplates like a mad man for many clients all over the world. He works with passion and such a keen ear for mastering and the perfect sound; “You simply can’t go wrong with a heatwave master” !

Henry has recently branched out to form the mighty Higher Level mastering which is now catering for more genre’s and delving deep into the dance music scene. The results are fantastic, so if your looking for a silky smooth amazing mastering result Henry is your go to guy.

Here at Amen4Tekno records we work closely with Henry to achieve awesome results which have elevated our sound as a label immensely and we cannot thank him enough for all his dedication, patients and hard work. Henry has also been working with  Si Vandal , Kaotik Records for a number of years and together they have achieved some insane releases and results.

We cannot recommend this guy enough for your mastering and dub plate needs so make sure you plan a session with him if your looking to take your music to the HIGHER LEVEL.

BIG UP Henry and Higher Level Mastering

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