Matt Scratch’s brand new Album TekBox23

For the last year our infamous underdog of Amen4Tekno has been working extremely hard to compile his first Album release for us and we can assure you its absolutely insane.

Mad Jungletek bangers throughout 11 tracks of crazy production with some awesome intricate Jungle business thrown into some seriously stomping Hardtek , this album is full of energy, power and addictive patterns  a collectively true Matt Scratch master piece.

Matt Scratch was the 1st ever person to claim a release on Amen4Tekno with his awesome track Scar on Amen4Tekno 001  sadly this Vinyl is now completely sold out and only owned by the collectors and enthusiasts of the label.

Since then Matt has release many bangers as well as colabs on Amen4Tekno and this album is definitely an amazing edition to his string of releases with us.

Release date expected end of July

Amen4Tekno Records/Undergroundtekno/Spotify/Deezer/itunes/Beatport

Mastered by RaidenK.S.P (Renegade Hardware/Offkey Records/ Murge Recordings/Trust


Artwork by Fowl Play

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