Amen4Tekno 1 Off Bomber Jackets





Hi everyone its with a very somber and heavy heart I am writing this but I feel the future of the record label is now in jeopardy due to having lost my career in gigging this year I have been draining resources to keep my head above water and pay my bills and quite frankly I have come to a point where I can no longer survive and with that comes the demise of the label.

These Jackets are the last bit of merchandise I can afford to buy as a one off bespoke Amen4Tekno item so sadly I will be soon closing my merchandising. I will continue to offer a few print to order T-Shirts and some print to order Hoodies but thats it.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported the label over the years and the shire amount of  you that keep the Amen4Tekno  flag flying high by wearing my merch. I can’t even begin to imagine how many Hoodies and T-Shirts and other bespoke items have made it out into the world but it is one of the most special things I have laid to witness throughout my now very turbulent career in the underground rave scene.

I simply cannot believe the situation we find ourselves in. I myself am failing to find any substantial work within the music industry at all to the extent of now being close to becoming homeless so I am now needing to address how I can prevent this.

Any support is of HUGE value to me right now I run a patreon (I am still learning how to use it) at the following LINK 

Also if you would like to donate to the label its or