190 Miles Per Hour By Mandidextrous



190 Miles Per Hour By Mandidextrous

Mandidextrous the originator of Amen4Tekno has been hard at work over the last few months or so creating her first ever Jungletek album. 11 tracks of original Mandidextrous sounds revamped and brought right up to speed at 190 miles per hour.

 Taking influence from her love of old Jump up , DnB & Jungle vibes and smashing them together with her Jungletek 4 to the floor sound whilst throwing some new EDM and Bass house sounds into the mix. The result is Tekno magic all compiled into one ferocious and fast paced album aptly named 190 miles an hour, pretty much summing up Mandi’s life as she never stops and lives a erratic, crazy and passionate life with her music being a reflection of just that fast paced and explosive !

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Mandidextrous with the exception of the following collaborations. Bad Granny – C3B & Mandidextrous, Mind iller – Matt Scratch & Mandidextrous, In the Rave – Matt Scratch & Mandidextrous & Hex U – T-Menace & Mandidextrous

All tracks have been professionally mastered by Henry Heatwave @ Higher level mastering Bristol plus awesome artwork by The Porg

Available in WAV only