DEADHEAD E.P By Mandidextrous & Matt Scratch




Set your systems to warp drive its time to engage the Deadhead E.P

Its the year 2323 Mandidextrous & Matt:Scratch have been powering their way through the intergalactic battle fields to bring the new non animatronic race 4 hard and fast tracks to help the battle against the evil uprising

The world we live in now is a very different place in the dystopian realm of 2323 overruled by psychopathic animal robots and the only people left to save the humans are the ravers that still reside in the deep depths of the Bio Mechanical Tekno Jungle on back on earth.

Make sure your boarding your ships and shuttles before the decline.
Artwork By: Versaphile
Mastering By: Zimo
Tracks By Mandidextrous & Matt Scratch