Elevator Music E.P by C3B & E-Coli Free E.P


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Elevator Music E.P by C3B & E-Coli

IT’s not weird IT’S NOT WEIRD !!!

So the ever amazing C3B and the ever awesome E-Coli teamed up after a crazy time in some random balken setting drinking fine wines and devouring a special cheese board whilst discussing the modern day fashion and social acceptance of Elevators and the music that should be or shouldn’t be played in them.

Thus culminated into a music writing frenzy aimed at the TEKNO version of Elevator music, this E.P is for the musically upperclass and the crusty wannabe modern fashionista or the down right lovers of a good old crusty Elevator RAVE UP ! OI OI !!!!

GRAB your educational copy right here for absolutely sod all ! ITS FREE GOD DAM IT ! But as its free it means that your indebted to C3B and E-Coli so to avoid drunken ramblings at raves from C3B and a possible virus of unstoppable bowel movement from E-Coli when you download PLEASE Like and follow their artist pages links below this line

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